Our Commitment to Montrose Community

Like all good things, it started with a crazy idea to help people. Then someone helped me, and fast-forward six months and many hours of work later Montrose Local was created. We’re fully committed to supporting Montrose Community and we’re excited to share our plans with you.

Montrose Local Commitment

Montrose Local is committed to supporting the whole community, and as part of this we will re-invest a minimum of 15% of our advertising fees directly back into the community. We will do this by running free workshops, and making tangible measurable donations to existing charities based in Montrose that are in need of support. We aim to work with as many local businesses as possible to hold these workshops and therefore encourage businesses to get in touch if they are interested in finding out how to get involved.

Montrose Local Vision

Montrose Local has a vision. This vision is simple: promote a positive growth mindset and this, in turn, will promote the town.

We’re here to encourage a stronger future for the town’s businesses and its residents and we hope you’ll support us in return—just by showing up and using the website. Let’s love local, that’s what brings us together and together we can make a difference.

Montrose Local Mission

  • Rebuild the Montrose Community

    We know that the pandemic has had a devastating impact on families and businesses, and we should act now to support the future

  • Bridge the gap between businesses and the community

    We want to encourage local businesses to take responsible action in their immediate environment. Advertising on Montrose Local provides a simple way to help the town, we’ll do the hard work for you.

  • Encourage Montrose Community to support local businesses

    We are a double sided coin, we are also here to encourage the community to support local business and to help the economy to recover more quickly.

  • Assist the Scottish Government in reaching Net Zero

    Our Platform is 300% green this means we are not harming the environment, but actively doing our bit to improve it. This website is powered entirely by renewable energy and additionally trees are planted to make us even greener!

  • Provide easily accessible information

    We are here for you, we will help inform the Montrose Community about local events and aim to reduce isolation and improve wellbeing within the community.

  • Provide affordable digital marketing solutions

    We have options to suit all budgets. We are an inclusive platform and our aim is to facilitate growth in all areas of businesses – from window cleaners, to shops and restaurants, to offices and trades. Businesses large and small, all are welcome.

Montrose Local Commitment to Businesses

We will optimise your listing / advert to generate more traffic to your website. If you are yet to invest in a website, then you could use add a full business listing to Montrose Local and use this as your main online presence, if you need support with getting started just email us.

We will continually maintain and look after the Montrose Local platform to ensure good optimisation in search results. We’ll also work hard to keep our brand delivering positivity in the community, we want your business to be proud to be a part of Montrose Local.

All businesses who advertise with us will have the opportunity to post their information on our social media channels to encourage even greater reach within the community.

We’ll be working on phase two of our plans for Montrose Local over the next six months, and we guarantee that all existing businesses registered, or already supporting Montrose Local will be invited to be a part of whats coming next!

How is Montrose Local different from Social Media?

Social Media is a great and useful tool for businesses. However, if your business relies on Social Media alone, then you are limiting your customer base and will therefore be at a disadvantage. in addition to this customers don’t always save your information for later and they often don’t engage instantly, therefore you could be missing out on potential sales. There’s nothing worse than spending time creating a post, or agonizing over the message it will deliver, just to watch it get lost in the social media shuffle.

Montrose Local provides an additional affordable advertising channel that will work alongside your website, your social media, your email marketing, and all the other routes to market. Montrose Local is optimised and targeted to the local community in a way that will help your business reach more local customers. We are dedicated to increasing engagement in the local community, cross-selling business services and encouraging collaboration where feasible.

You’ll reach customers who may not have already heard your brand or products because they might not be on social media, new to the area, on holiday or they might not know enough town folk to get a recommendation.

Why now?

We know the pandemic is much more than a health crisis. It is a human, economic and social crisis, and it is attacking communities at their core. Personal and professional boundaries have become blurred with people working more from home, communities are being urged to shop local, and greater consideration for our environment is being encouraged with Net Zero Goals and COP 26.

A recent survey conducted by the Dundee and Angus Chamber of Commerce relating to business performance shows that Angus is no exception. The survey showed that in Dundee and Angus “Of the 3,600 responses, just 10% of local firms said revenue had increased during the crisis, while 66% said revenue had fallen.  Online sales, orders, profits cashflow investment, wages and employment have also been hit.” (The Courier, Jim Millar, 8/7/2020).

It is clear from the many popular Montrose Facebook Groups that businesses and the community are trying to pull together, this platform will make it easier for everyone. Montrose Local is designed to work alongside FB and your other marketing platforms and offers many advantages that social media doesn’t, get in touch to find out more.